Musson/Kjær Duo



Rachel Musson – tenor sax

Julie Kjær – alto sax

Julie and Rachel met in an East London pub one cold autumn night around four years ago. One thing led to another and soon they were meeting regularly to explore their overlapping sonic worlds in a Walthamstow front room. Before long they took their inventive duo improvisations out into private parties and London clubs. Reactions to the music ranged from being described as “syncopated farts” (unknown drunk barrister) to “mesmerising” (Sebastian Scotney of London Jazz). Now they have recorded their unique blend of melodic counterpoint, powerful physicality and gentle breath and vocal overtones for you, the listener, to form your own reactions. We hope you enjoy and look forward to meeting you in a converted railway arch or the bowels of a Thames-moored ship soon. We are available to travel and love trying out new acoustic spaces.