Julie Kjær 3 “Dobbeltgænger”
Clean Feed Records
Julie Kjær 3 – Live at Cafe Oto.
Otoruko Records
Pierette Ensemble “Akrostik”
Gateway Records
Julie Kjær Quartet.
“Baglæns ind i det forkerte rum”.
Gateway Records

Collaborations + As Sidewoman

Overground Collective
Super Mario
Babel Label
John Coltrane 50th Memorial concert at Cafe Oto.
Confront Recordings
Henrik Olsson
Hand of Benediction
Barefoot Records
Pan-Scan Ensemble.
Air and Time and Light and Space.
PNL Records
Madwort’s Menagerie. Madwort Records.
Woven Entity – Two.
Enid Records.
Large Unit
PNL Records
Large Unit
Selected tracks 2013-17.
PNL Records
Large Unit
Rio Fun
Catalytic Sound
Django Bates Stormchaser.
Spring is here….
Lost Marble Records